Frou Frou cordials allow cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and caterers to provide their customers with unique and complex non-alcoholic drinks by simply mixing Frou Frou cordials with soda or sparkling mineral water.  Our existing customers ensure their customers appreciate the uniqueness of these drinks by 1) serving them in tall glasses to make along drink with ice, 2) describing drinks on the menu as Lime and Kaffir Lime Soda or Blood Orange and Cardamom spritzer etc…, 3) Garnishing drinks.  See Our recipes for other uses, such as: Mango or Pink Lady and Raspberry make great all-natural spiders! 

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To find out more or set up an account, please contact us for the latest price list on our online form. Just include your business name and ABN.

Our distributors

Culinarium- 602 Botany rd, Alexandria, NSW, 2015

Flavours Shoalhaven, Shop 3/113 Queen Street, Broughton Court, Berry, NSW, 2535

Water logic Pty Ltd - VIC, NSW, QLD.                                                                                 


Café fez, Myrtleford, VIC- We were looking for a healthy alternative to sugar laden soft drinks. Along came a punchy drink with a punchy name and all natural and punchy flavours. Just add soda water for the zz!

Armory Wharf Café, Newington, Sydney, NSW- The Frou-Frou range has continued to receive positive customer feedback. As a mixer, it requires low volume storage space, is flexible in sales by glass or jug, whilst delivering good profit margins to our business.

Cafe Borellas, Albury, NSW- Frou-Frou returns us a 470% profit margin compared to Coke or mineral water which returns us 200%. It gives me enormous satisfaction that our customers really enjoy their drinks and regularly return for the same drink.