Our story begins in a small shed, nestled in a fruit orchard, in the sleepy hills of Splitters Creek.  A shed overlooking the mighty Murray, in the Riverina, the fruit bowl of Australia. 

It is the story of gorgeous Australian fruits, herbs and spices.  And how a dietitian and a chef used both science, and their scences, to bottle the natural fabulousness of these flavours.

Well actually it's a rather tedious tale...  I mean it’s basically a story about how they spent two years hunched over a cooktop, simmering fruits, herbs and spices. So perhaps we can just ask you to pop some Frou Frou cordial in to some sparkling water and let your palette describe:

- How these flavours were naturally preserved using heat treatments that released the beautiful flavours from spices but guarded the precious fruit flavour molecules. 

- And how the herbs and spices were balanced with the fruit to become merged and layered on the palette.

So today...

Frou Frou flavours spring sparkling water to life in homes, cafés and restaurants.   We are now run as a family business with the dietitians children proving they can be more than mere bottle-cappers.  

So the dietitian and the chef can now relax and enjoy fabulous drinks, while the little shed rots in its orchard, a relic of the Frou Frou story.